I have tried the cragel, and it was glorious.

CRAGELS! The unsavory-sounding croissant/bagel hybrid is tastier than it sounds (food should not remind you of a “pelvic floor exercise” if at all possible), combining two of my favorite things in the world. I ventured out to House of Bagels in the Richmond (in San Francisco) to go┬ábring home some precious cragel manna, in both […]

Alternaloaf (or, the “life-changing loaf of bread”)

I’m not eating a gluten-free diet. I think every single previous post to this thing has had a gluten product or 20 in it. I love bread, pasta, and preferably, both. With white rice. And potatoes. And maybe a breadcrumb topping? Glad we got that out of the way. I also like things that aren’t […]

bread people are the best people

Bread! What a feeling! I attended a bread “skillshare” (kind of like a workshop, but slightly crunchier) over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself, of course. Aside from being able to sample like ten different loaves of bread, I got to discuss my thoughts about gluten development, wild yeast, proofing, and Peter Reinhart for hours. […]