Craftsman and Wolves & the Rebel Within

   In San Francisco, I broadly categorized cafes into two categories. In the first, everything is clean lines (including the pastries), the tables and walls are immaculate, and everybody has a Macbook. In the second, everything is in piles (mm pastry pile) the furniture is mismatched, and everybody still has a Macbook. Usually, I prefer the […]

I have tried the cragel, and it was glorious.

CRAGELS! The unsavory-sounding croissant/bagel hybrid is tastier than it sounds (food should not remind you of a “pelvic floor exercise” if at all possible), combining two of my favorite things in the world. I ventured out to House of Bagels in the Richmond (in San Francisco) to go bring home some precious cragel manna, in both […]