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Potluck party! The best, for me, because I get to socialize but I don’t have to leave my apartment, and there’s food involved. Also I can still sleep by 10pm. Also, food.

Most recently, I threw a vaguely Mediterranean potluck party, that included flat little falafels, roasted beets (magenta poops are still funny to me), hummus, “Greek” salad, and an awesome salad that had all the delicious things some friends brought.

It’s so satisfying to use the pressure cooker to make dried beans. I think I mostly like that my rudimentary understanding of PV=nRT is useful, here.

Of course, to go with, many handmade pitas (though mine don’t always make pockets), and a light(er) dessert of greek yogurt, fruit, and candied walnuts.

1206_pitabread    1206_yogurtandfruit

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