Tomato eggs (Fanqie chao dan)

Comfort food of my childhood.
Comfort food of my childhood.

My family loves eggs. When I lived at home, we would buy them in 18-packs (sometimes two of them), and occasionally in the smaller palettes that Costco offers. A fried egg on a carb vessel, your choice of rice or toast, continues to be my go-to quick meal and has been more or less since I could chew.

Tomato eggs is a staple of my mother’s, for good reason, because it’s easy, relatively healthy, and so good. Fluffy eggs with slightly tart tomato gravy, served on rice — I’d happily eat it every day.

Tomato Eggs (Fanqie chao dan)

3 eggs
2-3 ripe tomatoes, roughly chopped
1 or 2 scallion stalks, finely chopped
1-2 teaspoons of mirin
soy sauce
white pepper (optional)
a splash of milk (optional)
vegetable oil

Prep with some amazing tomatoes from the farmers' market.
Prep with some amazing tomatoes from the farmers’ market.

Beat eggs well (but no need for froth or peaks or anything) with a splash of milk if you have it and mirin for sweetness. Vary the amount of mirin based on taste and the sweetness of your tomatoes.

Scramble the eggs however you like ’em. I usually err slightly less done than usual, since you will be heating them up again. Set aside on a plate (or the bowl you used to beat eggs).

Heat up the pan again with some vegetable oil. Add half of the scallions and sautee briefly until fragrant. Add the tomatoes to a pan and cook until they are soft and let out juices. Season with salt, white pepper (if you like it), and soy sauce to taste.

Add eggs to the pan and mix gently, trying to keep some of the larger curds of scrambled egg. Add more seasoning if desired. Top with the rest of the scallions and serve with rice.

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