Takoyaki (Ika-yaki?) Waffle

Things I’ve made in my waffle iron: waffled tofu (good!), falafawaffle (fail!), sweet potatoes (yum!) greens waffle (surprisingly good!), hash browns (obvi good!), cashew oat waffle. Things I haven’t made in my waffle iron: normal waffles And, now, we can add these squid waffles. It’s my take on the Japanese octopus balls, takoyaki — which are divine […]

Asian Stir Fried Calamari and Green Beans

Life accomplishment update — I learned how to clean squid! And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared it would be, especially after perusing these instructions that, while helpfully clear and photographed, unhelpfully described the process as “ugly as sin and ten times as slimy.” I will agree that removing the beak was slightly “creepy,” as […]