I smell fear on you.


I made a Louise Belcher bunny ear hat (using this Instructable)! Really, I’m more of a Tina, but everyone has their Louise moments… right?

Anyways, while that gif annoyingly and creepily loops above us: my thoughts on television, let me tell you them. Or, actually, let me just list some shows that I enjoy parking myself in front of.

So, obviously, Bob’s Burgers is on the list. It’s quick and lighthearted without sacrificing charm, featuring some voice actors who may sound familiar, small, family-owned businesses, and lots of puns. When to watch: those days that you feel like you should do something other than work and sleep, but you’re too wiped for even a 45-minute show. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

I’m also watching Broad City, which sounds like Girls in that it’s about women in their early twenties struggling in New York, but it’s less with the painful and more with the goofy and pretty feel-good. There’s a recurring Soulcycle joke, frequent celebrity cameos, and a frozen yogurt shop called 42 Squirts. When to watch: when you’re feeling ready to laugh at yourself and also bodily functions.

Speaking of ladies, I’m also sporadically but intensely watching The Good Wife, which is obviously really satisfyingly dramatic, featuring beautiful motorcycle jackets, commentary on modern politics, and a lot of the cast of the similar Scandal. When to watch: when you want to marathon a show and get pretty invested in a frustrating love triangle.

And, last in this batch (I mean, don’t you worry, I somehow watch even more television than this) is The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is totally ridiculous but so likable, featuring horror dinner theater, women who are strong in different ways, and a math tutor romance.

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