I went to Seattle ages ago. But I ate a lot there.

I am so very behind. Obviously, I have been eating. But I’ve also been doing other things, notably, launching a product at work, traveling out of the country and within the country, and being lazy and not blogging. But I have a backlog of photos and recipes and various sundries, and, well, it’s not getting […]

I have tried the cragel, and it was glorious.

CRAGELS! The unsavory-sounding croissant/bagel hybrid is tastier than it sounds (food should not remind you of a “pelvic floor exercise” if at all possible), combining two of my favorite things in the world. I ventured out to House of Bagels in the Richmond (in San Francisco) to go bring home some precious cragel manna, in both […]

The people demand more cute.

You guys. Crepes with ice cream. It doesn’t get better than that, does it? Thin pancakes, sweet toppings… Today, I learned that it does. Behold, the cutest confection I’ve ever compulsively crammed into my mouth. This is a “happy face crepe” from Belly Good Cafe & Crepes (sounds vaguely racist, but I swear that’s the official […]