April Bloomfield’s Roasted Young Onion with Sage Pesto

Guys, full disclosure, this is going to sound like a sponsored post, but it is not. I just have a huge girlcrush on April Bloomfield right now, after having the can’t-believe-it luck to have attended a cooking demo of hers. There was a weekend not too long ago where I just cooked through as many […]

I smell fear on you.

I made a Louise Belcher bunny ear hat (using this Instructable)! Really, I’m more of a Tina, but everyone has their Louise moments… right? Anyways, while that gif annoyingly and creepily loops above us: my thoughts on television, let me tell you them. Or, actually, let me just list some shows that I enjoy parking […]

Excuse me, did you know it’s 90 degrees in here?

Or, that time I tried heated yoga. Doing yoga is one of those things I aspire to do regularly and occasionally end up caught overestimating the frequency of my “practice,” along with reading the news, going on dates, and washing my bedding and/or hair. I’ve been slightly better about the yoga recently, though I can’t […]