Book Club Brunch

Ain’t no party like a book club party because a book club party is… filled with snacks (+ champagne), partially literary discussion, and populated entirely by ladies? But for serious, being behind on our current book aside, I’m embracing the book-club-attending, food-blogger-aspiring sort of life I’m living these days. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as […]

Excuse me, did you know it’s 90 degrees in here?

Or, that time I tried heated yoga. Doing yoga is one of those things I aspire to do regularly and occasionally end up caught overestimating the frequency of my “practice,” along with reading the news, going on dates, and washing my bedding and/or hair. I’ve been slightly better about the yoga recently, though I can’t […]

Egg on egg

In addition to being bad at idioms, I’m also really bad at puns. I frequently don’t recognize when I’ve accidentally been punny myself, and I miss other people’s clever ones, too. I’m sorry, guys. I just barrel on through the sentence without stopping to think about it most often. For example, it took me drinking bottles […]